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ASL Charity Statement 02/11/2021

We recently held a Trustees meeting where we discussed the feasibility in resuming normal sessions, rather than just using Zoom for activities such as adapted yoga and gentle exercise. With the current rise in cases and the probability of imminent restrictions being reintroduced, we feel it prudent to wait a little longer. As many of our members are susceptible to viruses, both COVID-19, and influenza, we are being extremely cautious in resuming face to face contact. We understand that most of you will be fully vaccinated and may even be comfortable meeting in large groups, but we feel that our duty of care to you is best served by not placing you in a situation that could cause harm. We will monitor the situation closely over the next few weeks and let you know when we are confident the risk is minimal enough to resume.




When we do resume activities, I’m afraid that hydrotherapy will not be an option unless we can locate an alternative venue. The hydro pool at The Leicester General Hospital is closed until repairs have been carried out. We do not know when this may be, especially as there is restructuring work being carried out throughout the UHL network over the next 6 years. We are looking for suitable alternatives and will let you know any arrangements as soon as possible. 


Currently, we are working towards providing more activities in the community, especially the Living with Arthritis workshops and social events, to reduce your travel and make them easier to access for more members. We were looking forward to seeing you all this Christmas, but with the uncertainty surrounding whether restrictions will be in place, we have made the decision not to hold a physical event this year. We will of course, be doing something special for you all, but you’ll have to wait and see for now, while we finalise the details.



Although we cannot meet up in person at the activities at the minute, please remember that we are only a phone call away if you need any support, or just someone to talk to. Call us on 0333 3444611. If you would like remote IT support, call Mark Bentham on 07801 718908. Our children and families group can call Sonal Godhania on 07989 218880. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.



“This charity was pivotal in helping me to manage my rheumatoid arthritis. I can’t thank them enough. Such warm and friendly people.”​

“The well-being workshop was excellent. It’s hard to improve on near perfection!”

“Really enjoyable sessions. Good to talk about the emotional aspects of arthritis and the importance of self-care. Good to have the opportunity to meet other sufferers.”

“Thank you for a well-run charity which exceeds expectations. Your policies, practices and procedures are inclusive and meet the needs of those with multiple sensory impairments and other disabling conditions. The charity is responsive to individual changing needs in accordance with their constitution.”

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