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Our hydrotherapy sessions take place every Thursday morning in the hydro pool at Leicester General Hospital. The pool is heated to average body temperature to make movement of painful or damaged joints easier
hydrotherapy for arthritis

Table Tennis

Sport is a great way of exercising your joints and having fun too – table tennis is a fairly gentle sport and will give your body a workout. Our sessions are open to people of all ages and abilities


Yoga has proved to be very beneficial to people living with arthritis if done on a regular basis. A lot of people are put off by the thought of having to sit cross-legged or struggle with doing it on the floor

yoga for arthritis
exercise for arthritis

Gentle Exercise

Exercise is vital to managing any arthritis or musculoskeletal condition and these sessions will enable you to do just that within your own capabilities. Like our yoga sessions, the exercises can be done

IT Support

Modern life is changing so fast and it can be hard for those who didn’t grow up with technology to feel left out and isolated. We provide IT support and coaching for members who wish to learn more

Coffee Mornings

We try and hold at least two coffee mornings each year in different venues across the county in order to bring people together and raise funds for the charity with raffles, tombolas, cakes or books

Well Being

Arthritis is a life-limiting condition and can take a toll both physically and mentally. Our workshops are designed to provide you with a framework to better manage your condition

family and children group arthritis

Children's Activities

Children with arthritis often struggle to take part in activities with other children, so we run events throughout the year where they can interact with others in a similar position. It is also rewarding for the parents

Social Events

We organise regular meetings at various venues around the city and county to enable people living with similar arthritis conditions to meet and discuss coping strategies or just share a coffee


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