Membership of our charity gives you access to all of our services and activities, including the hydrotherapy sessions, which is members only. You will also receive a quarterly newsletter and regular emails with information about events and offers. All our members also get a half price subscription to Arthritis Digest if you quote our charity name in their subscription form. A lot of our activities are heavily subsidised with grants and donations and are open to the general public, but in 2020, only members will get the discounted prices we currently charge for many of our activities. Members will also get priority when booking a place on any events where numbers are limited.

Membership is currently £12.00 per person, per year, but it is likely to increase to £14.00 in 2020 to ensure the charity is as financially sustainable as possible going into the future. The membership money is used to improve the services we offer and will go back into the charity in the form of unrestricted funds. Unrestricted funds are used to pay administration and marketing costs incurred in running the events, activities and general charity costs.

We are here for you